Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Weekend

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, starting on Thursday.  I got a call from the local ABC station to see if I could do a follow up story on my jewelry in the Oscar bags on Friday, so on Friday morning I went to the station for a short piece and then they filmed in my studio on Friday afternoon.  You can see a clip of the filming here:  Indianapolis RTV Channel 6 News Coverage

Then the gift lounge was on Friday and Saturday, so I was glued to my computer all day to see who was getting the gift bags.  I should find out soon who got the bags and who now owns one of my necklaces.  A few names I do know are Penny Marshall, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tess Hunt, and Marcia Gay Harden.  Here is a picture of The Artisan Group display at the GBK Luxury Gift Lounge.

on Saturday I participated in a Local Art Fair in Bloomington present by Bloom magazine, that was a great event! And finally, Sunday, I watched the Oscars, now I need to go to the movies and see some of these films.  

All in all, a great experience, stay tuned to see pictures of the gift lounge after I receive them!  What did you do this past weekend?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

After 6 months of planning, the Oscars are here.....................

Tomorrow starts the GBK Luxury Gift Lounge, and I will be participating with The Artisan Group.  The anticipation is killing me, who will be there?,   who will like my necklace? will anyone even notice my jewelry?  So, Friday and Saturday the lounge will be happening.  On and off during the days, I may be posting to my Facebook page some of the celebrities that are going through.

So for today, I will start with my journey, it is a photo journal of what it took to get all 100 necklaces created, packaged and shipped off!

The beginnings, this is what I started with, a huge roll of Argentium Silver

then I cut it into smaller pieces and created my pendants, this is 100 finished pendants
the necklace

then those pendants had to be hung on black rubber cord, this is the final 100 on cords
then they had to be packaged, this is the front side of my package, a small bio card and the necklace
the back side

 all 100 of them 

then into the shipping box they go

then off to FedEx, this is the fun part, I had to go to a neighboring city because our town does not have a FedEx store, after I get everything taken care of, I ask the Fed Ex Lady if she would take a picture of my box, she say sure, then I feel obligated to tell her why I am taking her picture.  I tell her they are gifts for the Oscar Swag Bags, and she says, oh ya, I read about you in the paper!  How cool is that, at least I felt pretty cool for a moment, so here they are on their way to Hollywood!

thanks for sharing this journey with me, stay tuned for part 2, when we find out who gets the necklaces!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The recipe for the perfect Bead Soup...............

There is a lot going on this week, but I will start with my participation in the Bead Soup project.  It is a major event created by Lori Anderson, of Pretty Things Blog.  Basically, you get paired with a person, and you each send each other some beads.  From these beads you are to create one or more pieces to be revealed on March 3rd, with a big blog hop with all the participants, over 200 in all.  My partner is Rebekah Payne, of Tree Wings Studio.  She is a polymer clay artist and very good!  Part of this project is to make you go outside of your comfort zone and create with things that you wouldn't usually do!  This is so true for me, the beads I received are gorgeous and I am so excited to be creating with them.  I took a few pictures the day I got them and wanted to share with you all.

First, when the package arrived and I unwrapped it, I was so surprised to see the cutest packaging ever on beads I received in the mail:

as I unwrapped the package, there were two packages within it!

oh, so much fun, first I unwrapped the small one and found some treasures, my focal bead and clasp

and within the glass jar were the rest of the beads I get to create with!

stay tuned for March 3rd, when you will be able to see what I have created and the other 199 participants have!  Thank you Lori for the opportunity and Rebekah for the beautiful beads