Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness.....

Ah, a random act of kindness, have you ever been the recipient of one?  I was, I was in line at a Starbucks and as I pulled up to the window to get my coffee the barista said the car in front of me paid for my coffee as a random act of kindness.  Wow, the feelings were overwhelming, that simple gesture made me feel so good.  I just wanted to speed up to say thank you but then, that is the random part, you do it just to do it, not to get a thank you, not to get recognition, just to be nice.

After this happened to me, I have pretty regularly done the same for others, the pay it forward practice.  Today, I would like to share with you what happened the last time I did it.  I have been meaning to tell this story for awhile, but now, before Christmas, it seems very appropriate.   The day started normal, I stopped at Starbucks and paid for the person behind me's coffee and went off to finish the day.   We had plans to attend the Purdue football game and then rush back to Indianapolis to go to our high school's football game, which was being held at Lucas Oil Stadium.  My son was meeting his football team outside the stadium.  We got there with a few minutes to spare, my husband dropped us off to so my son would be on time and then he went to park.  I had put my money, around $70 and my debit card in my pocket so I wouldn't have to carry my purse at the game.  We still needed to purchase tickets.  When we met up with the team, one of the other parents asked if anyone needed a ticket, I said we did, so he gave one to me, would not take any money for them.  We still needed two more, so I started off to buy them when another man said he had extras, and gave me two more.  I went to offer him money and realized that when I got out of the car my money and debit card had fallen out of my pocket, I had no money!  He also refused to take money for them, he had several extra, said as long as I was an Artesian fan I could have them.  I found out later he was the coach of the other middle school.

So, on a day that had the potential to be very discouraging, it was a day of lessons and giving, both ways.  Yes, it was a pain to lose my card and get it replaced, but although I lost my money, I would have spent it on the tickets, so it was a wash for me, I hope whoever picked it up needed it and it made their day a bit better.  In one day there were several random acts of kindness that I had the pleasure of being included in as both the gifter and receiver, so you really do reap what you sow!