Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bead Soup Blog Party Time....................

It is that time of year, when Lori Anderson coordinates hundreds of people to swap a set of beads with a partner and create some beautiful pieces.  This year my partner was Patty Miller of Cabari Beads.

This is the beautiful bead soup that Patty sent me:

so many pretties!!  My favorites were her hand etched copper pieces, there were also some lamp work beads, some red creek jasper, crystals, copper chain, some blue chips, etc...... Such a wonderful mix!  

It was so hard for me to decide on what to do, I had so many things in mind that I could do, I wanted to experiment and do some different mixes.  The first piece I made was a pair of earrings, earrings are my favorite, these include some etched copper moons and lampwork beads.

This then inspired me to make a necklace, my second favorite jewelry item, because I wanted this focal to really stand out, I kept the piece minimalist and I got to use the beautiful copper clasp:

My next piece took me back to my beading days.  I just loved putting beads together.  I really love natural stones so this piece was fun to do. 

Now, this is where I have to prepare you for part two.  I had such a great bead soup, I decided that I needed to do a part two, so in a few weeks I will reveal my next set of pieces, they involve the blue beads and lamp work beads with more copper pieces! yeah!  Here is a sneak peek of one of pieces that hasn't fully reached maturity yet!
Thank you Lori Anderson for coordinating this very fun and interesting event every year and thank you Patty Miller for the wonderful bead soup and being a great partner!  Make sure you go visit Patty's blog to see what I sent her!   

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