Saturday, April 27, 2013

7th Bead Soup Blog Party!

It is that time of the year, when I get to participate in the Bead Soup Blog Party! This is the 3rd reveal for this particular Bead Soup Party, it has really grown!  This year it came at a very hectic time in my life, birthdays, anniversaries, workshops, but I look forward to this little time to  myself to just make what I want.  The photo above is the bead soup that I sent my partner, Toltec Jewels. This next picture is of the wonderful, beautiful bead soup she sent me!

So much to choose from and such beautiful beads.  I pondered and pondered and finally made a few pieces.  I have really started working in metal and gotten away from beading so this brought me back to the colorful world of beads, it did stretch me a bit, which is all good.  This is the necklace I made using the large, swirled agate focal, some beautiful amethyst, and glass leaves.
and the bracelet I made using a beautiful, hand crafted clasp.  The clasp is so pretty I did not want to over power it with lots of stuff, so I stayed pretty simple for the rest of the bracelet.
and of course I needed a pair of earrings.  These are simple, but fun and I just love them and the purple beads are handmade and gorgeous!
There is still plenty of bead soup left to play with, including a beautiful handmade lampwork bead! Stay tuned, I have some special plans for that one and some of the others, so check back and see what becomes of the rest of the bead soup, I will be playing for awhile!!!!

Again, I want to thank my partner, Toltec Jewels for the wonderful soup and Lori for organizing and planning such a fun event!

So, if you would like to continue on the blog party, you can get the complete list here on  Lori's Blog, Pretty Things!  Enjoy!