Friday, March 25, 2011

New Day, new experiences

This Saturday I will participate in Women in Art Marketplace at the Eiteljorg Museum.  It is a small show held at the museum.   It is a juried show, which means you had to apply and be chosen to be in it.  I wanted to apply, but then found out it was the Saturday before spring break, so I thought no, I won't.  Yet, I kept thinking about it, I had never applied or been in a juried show of this level.  So, I thought, I will apply for the experience, I probably won't get chosen.  So I did, then the email came that I was chosen.  Now, a big decision, delay spring break for a day and do the show or be happy with being chosen and go on vacation.  My very supportive husband urged me to do it, so here I am, nervous and excited for this new experience, but thinking that I am crazy for doing this the day before a vacation! 

It has been stressful but it has been very rewarding.  My hope is to have a great day and a great spring break.  I have been asked multiple times, why did I do this to myself, and I had to think about that and ultimately, my answer was that I was being true to myself, this is important to me and I needed to do it.  I needed to do the things necessary to make it happen because I didn't want to live with the "what if's?" if I didn't do it. 

Was it easy? no  Was it convienent? no but will it be worth it?  It already is!  So my conclusion is this, if you have a dream, or a need, or a want, go for it and do what is necessary to make it happen for you!

My hope is you all have a great day and think about your dreams.

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