Friday, June 17, 2011

Back for my workshop with Hadar Jacobson

I just returned from a 2 day class with Hadar Jacobson in Brighton, Michigan.  First, I was lucky enough to get away for 2 days and thanks to all my friends who helped out with my kids.  Sometimes, the planning to go away is just so darn hard, you have to coordinate everyone's schedules, that I just want to say nevermind.  I am so glad that this time I didn't and made it happen.

We did a 2 day class on using base metal clays and doing mokume gane patterns.  I learned so much and as soon as I get my pieces fired, I will post a picture of them!  Hadar was just a great teacher, she is so patient and accomodating.  I was lucky to meet some very interesting and great people and found a new bead store to add to my list in Michigan!

I think it is so important to do these things, to feed your heart with the things you love!  In the end, it makes you a happier, more fulfilled person, so I challenge you all to think deep and find something you love and go do it, take a class, take a few hours and just immerse yourself in it!

This picture was taken when I was trying on a necklace she made and I was trying to convince her it looks great on me!  It was embedded with a magnet, a very cool style!

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