Thursday, February 23, 2012

After 6 months of planning, the Oscars are here.....................

Tomorrow starts the GBK Luxury Gift Lounge, and I will be participating with The Artisan Group.  The anticipation is killing me, who will be there?,   who will like my necklace? will anyone even notice my jewelry?  So, Friday and Saturday the lounge will be happening.  On and off during the days, I may be posting to my Facebook page some of the celebrities that are going through.

So for today, I will start with my journey, it is a photo journal of what it took to get all 100 necklaces created, packaged and shipped off!

The beginnings, this is what I started with, a huge roll of Argentium Silver

then I cut it into smaller pieces and created my pendants, this is 100 finished pendants
the necklace

then those pendants had to be hung on black rubber cord, this is the final 100 on cords
then they had to be packaged, this is the front side of my package, a small bio card and the necklace
the back side

 all 100 of them 

then into the shipping box they go

then off to FedEx, this is the fun part, I had to go to a neighboring city because our town does not have a FedEx store, after I get everything taken care of, I ask the Fed Ex Lady if she would take a picture of my box, she say sure, then I feel obligated to tell her why I am taking her picture.  I tell her they are gifts for the Oscar Swag Bags, and she says, oh ya, I read about you in the paper!  How cool is that, at least I felt pretty cool for a moment, so here they are on their way to Hollywood!

thanks for sharing this journey with me, stay tuned for part 2, when we find out who gets the necklaces!!


  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing with us! That's 'my' Pam at FedEx that helped you out- I'm glad she didn't give you any lip;) (i used to work there) Good Luck, I hope someone wicked awesome sees your work!

  2. Congrats to you Pam. This is a wonderful opportunity for you. Very exciting for sure. Thanks for sharing and we will be lurking here to see who will be wearing your beautiful necklaces:O)

  3. This is just too cool Pam! And cool enough to last way more than just a moment! Congratulations!!!