Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oscar Weekend

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, starting on Thursday.  I got a call from the local ABC station to see if I could do a follow up story on my jewelry in the Oscar bags on Friday, so on Friday morning I went to the station for a short piece and then they filmed in my studio on Friday afternoon.  You can see a clip of the filming here:  Indianapolis RTV Channel 6 News Coverage

Then the gift lounge was on Friday and Saturday, so I was glued to my computer all day to see who was getting the gift bags.  I should find out soon who got the bags and who now owns one of my necklaces.  A few names I do know are Penny Marshall, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tess Hunt, and Marcia Gay Harden.  Here is a picture of The Artisan Group display at the GBK Luxury Gift Lounge.

on Saturday I participated in a Local Art Fair in Bloomington present by Bloom magazine, that was a great event! And finally, Sunday, I watched the Oscars, now I need to go to the movies and see some of these films.  

All in all, a great experience, stay tuned to see pictures of the gift lounge after I receive them!  What did you do this past weekend?

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  1. Great opportunity for you. Please keep us informed on your follow up on the gift bags. I am interested to see what kind of return you get on your investment. This has really been fun to follow and I would find myself getting just as excited as you were about the process;o) Good luck.